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Norwich 2008 Live Looping

3 venues, 4 Events, 9 Artists

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Many thanks to:
  • All performers
  • The audience
  • Staff and management at NAC, Epic Studios, SCVA (esp. Liz Ballard)
  • Richard Penguin for help and advice.
  • Peta for support and photos

Epic Studios, Magdalen St. Norwich, 19th June

Rick Walker was coming on tour to Europe, so this event was organised in his honour. Jeremy Trantor was asked along as a bass player, to play, and make up a trio with Rick and me, andy butler . Plans changed drastically when it turned out he had brought with him percussionist Chris Leeds. Also featured were sets by Stephen Scott and myself.

mp3s for download
andy butler Persistence
Rick WalkerRW-Intro
Stephen Scott Lizzie
Jeremy and Chris aka Masseimprovisation

In the quartet music, we first hear Jeremy and Chris (aka Masse) then after about 4mins Rick Walker enters on melodica. Later andy butler enters with guitar (on left hand side), but be aware that a lot of the guitar like tones are from Jeremy's unusually tuned bass.

The video was assembled from footage shot by Rick Walker by me, as there was no available video of Rick's Performance some of the audio is heard in conjunction with his abstract shot of a popular Norwich tourist attraction.


Norwich Arts Centre, 11 October

Annual Festival of Live Looping

Steve Bingham
Per Boysen
Steve Lawson
andy butler

This was a great afternoon, special thanks to Steve Lawson who drove up from London while feeling decidedly under the weather.
I neglected to record my own performance following quite a bit of stress with a decaying mixer.
Half way through the event my friend Steve Patterson quite spontaneously lent me his video camera, so I was able to film something of Steve Bingham and Per for the archives. If you're wishing, like I did, that he's lent me that camera a bit earlier then as luck would have it Steve Lawson and Lobelia's fabulous music is well represented on You-Tube.
Scroll down for videos by Steve Bingham

mp3s for download
Per Boysen improvisation

check out the venue
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Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA,15 October

Just 3 days after the main festival, I'd (coincidently)managed to book some space within a 'Late Shift' event for live looping, Per Boysen was able to stay on for this and I was thrilled when Per agreed to perform a set with me as a duo. During the gig with Rick Walker, Stephen Scott had expressed regret at not being involved in the joint improvisation that ended the became a logical choice to ask him to accompany Jeremy and Chris (aka Masse).
Chris is the only person in the Festival who didn't loop himself, however his audio was captured by Jeremy for loop remixing. This was the very first time that Stephen had played with them, hopefully not the last.
I still had the loan of the video camera, so was able to capture the trio in full flight. For the set with Per I montaged some stills by Peta.

mp3s for download
Stephen Scott - guitar
Chris Leeds - percussion
Jeremy Trantor - harmonica, flute, live loop remix
Trio Improv
Per Boysen - Flute, Ewi
andy butler - guitar
Duo Improv

The Late Shift MySpace
photo chosen by venue..honest

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA, 19 March

This 'Late Shift' multi-media event featured live looping performances by, Stephen Scott, Steve Bingham and andy butler .
This was the first time I'd met Steve Bingham, so it was amazing to see him perform. Steve filmed himself while playing, here's a couple of pieces and there's more to be found on YouTube.

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