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andy butler

Please feel free to download these mp3s of some of my loop music. The live recordings are mostly versions of the pieces on my cd. Usually I record direct from the mixing desk, that's why there's not much crowd noise.

  • Backwater(3.4M), this starts as an ambient piece, but 1 minute into it the background loop is broken up and transformed into a sequencer type rhythm. Sounds like hours of editing, but actually all live. This is the first track from the cd.

  • Excerpt from my set at the 2004 Cambridge Festival of Looping. Unfortunately the only audio available for this one was from a mic on a video cam, hence the mono-lo-fi with background noise.
    Tripwire(3.4M), the rhythm is generated by building up a loop of fragments of guitar chords, eventually nothing here sounds like a guitar.

  • Static(1.3M), a home recording, as I play I bring in loops that I'd just recorded (live you'd see/hear them being made). The solid electro-drum beat running through this track was played on guitar modified through a cheap multiprocessor.

  • There's also some excerpts from the livelooping cd which you can listen to on the CD page.

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